When you’re changing diapers, you’ll need baby wipes. If you have a family history of allergies, starting off with sensitive wipes might help your little one. 

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We ordered a massive box of 576 count Pampers Sensitive Wipes (9 packages in the box) and after going through half of them, the verdict is these wipes are decent to start off for your baby.

They are exactly as described but one negative was how the wipes stick together when pulling them out of the packages outside of a refill container (and even inside the container!).

We contacted Pampers and their customer service was quick to send off a few coupons for new wipes. So thumbs up for taking care of new parents and their concerns.


  • mild, hypoallergenic and perfume-free for baby
  • large enough to use 1-2 at a time


  • tends to dry up quickly if you forgot to re-seal the package
  • wipes stuck together when pulling them out, sometimes even inside container dispenser

There’s an updated version of these wipes that are now ’20% thicker than before’.

You can buy these wipes from: Amazon.ca or from Amazon.com.