If you’re looking to get healthier and have considered juicing, check out the Omega J8004 Nutrition Center. This masticating style juicer (also known as a slow juicer) crushes and squeezes at a low speed of 80rpm, to ensure no temperature spikes which means healthy enzymes are not killed during the process, while also preventing oxidation of your juice. This means you can store it for more than 72 hours without it going bad. 

Omega j8004 masticating juicer

We’ve been using the Omega J8004 for the past little while now and so far we’ve been impressed with how well it can handle vegetables and fruits. The machine is quite heavy for its size and will sit nice and stable on your countertop. It’s really easy to setup and take apart to clean (rinsing under the tap). The auger is quite strong and crushes hard vegetables like carrots withe ease.

The Omega J8004 can also do other things such as make nut butters, grind coffee and make pasta. While we haven’t gotten that far yet, we did use it to make sorbet, which is incredibly easy. All you have to do is throw in some frozen fruit available anywhere and out it comes into the healthiest frozen dessert you can make. 

As for some downsides to this machine? We did find citrus fruits don’t work very well in these style of juicers and also found a couple times where juice went behind th
e auger. Also, the mesh strainer for the juicer can be hard to clean but the supplied brush (which could probably double as your toothbrush) makes it easy. 

Using a masticating juicer takes quite a bit of prep (cutting and washing veggies/fruit) but the rewards are tremendous as you’re left with some of the freshest, healthiest juice for your body. 

What’s the difference between the Omega J8004 (white) versus the J8006 (chrome and black)? Just the colours! Buy the J8004 in white and save $50!

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