Starting a new hobby is exciting, and road cycling is like no other. The more you ride, the further you dive into the sport and learn more about techniques, equipment, accessories and more.

Wearing tight lycra or spandex shorts can be a fear of new cyclists, but you begin to understand the need once you ride faster and longer distances. It is imperative to have well-made shorts that can keep you comfortable, while also performing well.

If you want to bring your cycling game to the next level, bib shorts are the way to go. They are more comfortable as you don’t have a tight waist band digging into your abdomen when you’re in an ‘aero’ position, plus you don’t have to worry about them moving around. It’s just a better overall option.

There are bib shorts available on a variety of budgets, but on the higher entry level, today we are taking a look at Switzerland’s Assos T.neoPro S7 bib shorts, which retail for $219.99 CAD, known as the company’s all-around fit model.


Using the same high quality materials and technologies from their higher levels, these are the successor to the company’s Uno_s5 bib shorts, being lighter and offering more performance. If you read any reviews about Assos products online, in particular their bib shorts, you’ll soon realize these are the ‘creme de la creme’ (the Assos T.CAMPIONISSIMO_S7 bib shorts retail for almost $520 USD!), up there with Rapha.

The T.neoPro S7, like any other Assos bib short, comes with quite the unboxing experience, comparable to an Apple product. The box contains an Assos booklet, while the box itself shares the marketing line and company history. They really want you to know you’ve purchased something special.

IMG 0235

IMG 0238

The bib chamois—or padding—is incredibly soft and nice and thick, being firm but not too hard. These are a very snug fit, and as someone that is 6’ 2”, my size was XL (I was able to try on a couple sample pairs at Trek Bikes Victoria first).

IMG 0240

The material is very soft and almost feels like silk—these are damn comfortable bib shorts that almost feel like not wearing anything at all. The straps are thin, yet supportive but did not dig into my shoulders.

IMG 0241

While I don’t have any other bib shorts to compare these to, I can say after a 3 hour ride, I was feeling really fine in these Assos T.neoPro S7 bib shorts. I had no issues with the legs riding up, as everything was a very snug fit. I can highly recommend them if you’re looking for your first pair of ‘nice’ bib shorts, which will ensure you ride in style, while also providing extreme comfort and performance.

A variety of online retailers sell the Assos T.neoPro S7 bib shorts, but check your local bike store first to avoid duties and taxes.